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Processing of personal data

Almightychina OÜ hereinafter referred to as (MIL). Personal data is processed by Almightychina OÜ, Email: Almightychina OÜ transfers the personal data necessary for the execution of payments to the processor Montonio Finance UAB.

What information MIL collects

Information you have provided yourself: Questions and feedback via the website. Some fields can be left blank but this may limit your user experience on the website. Like many other websites, MIL's website uses "cookies" which store certain types of information, such as website traffic. Information from other parties: MIL DOES NOT use any external or third party cookies/tools to monitor the site.

How MIL uses information

Purchases: the MIL uses personal information to complete and verify the purchase. Offers, troubleshooting, service improvement. Personalization and recommendations. We may use this information to personalise and personalise the services we offer and to improve the services we provide to you. To contact you: MIL may use your email or phone number to contact you regarding MIL services. Advertising: MIL DOES NOT use, sell, or share information with any unrelated or third party for the display of personalized advertisements or for the purpose of user tracking.


MIL only uses cookies specifically made for its own website and only uses its own cookies to improve the user experience of the website, keep statistics, etc. "Necessary only" option. "Allow all" option: in addition to the necessary cookies, a statistics cookie made specifically for the MIL page is used. The MIL page does not use any advertising cookies or third party cookies all are made specifically and only for the use of this page. Registered users can change the cookie setting at any time.

Bank links/Payments

The payment solution partner is Montonio Finance UAB. In order to make a payment, the MIL will redirect the user to the Montonio Finance payment solution page where the user can choose the payment option that suits him/her, if the default bank is not set. The Montonio Finance payment solution offers a variety of bank payments which can be further selected according to the country of the user's bank. The MIL sends the necessary information to Montonio Finance UAB to confirm and verify the payment.

Legal basis

The processing of personal data is carried out for the purpose of the performance of a contract with a customer. Processing of personal data for the performance of a legal obligation (e.g. accounting and consumer dispute resolution).

Recipients to whom the information is sent

Personal data will be transferred to customer support for the purpose of managing purchases and purchase history and resolving customer issues. Personal data will be transmitted to the accountant provided by the service provider. For the purpose of making payments, the necessary personal data will be transmitted to Montonio Finance UAB.

Security and access to data

Personal data is stored on servers located in the territory of a Member State of the European Union or in the territory of countries that have acceded to the European Economic Area. Access to personal data is granted to MIL employees who can access personal data in order to resolve technical issues related to the use of the website and to provide customer support services. MIL implements appropriate physical, organisational and IT security measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorised access and disclosure. Transfers of personal data to MIL's processors are carried out on the basis of contracts between MIL and the processors. The processors are obliged to ensure appropriate safeguards when processing personal data.

Familiarisation and correction of personal data

Personal data can be accessed and corrections can be made in the user settings of the website.

User age verification

The website has products that are intended for use by people aged 18+. In this regard, we will verify and identify the age of the respective user through the user data where the image(s) of the document will be uploaded. After checking the documents, the result is either the document is not suitable or the document is approved. After which the document data is removed from the server.

Withdrawal of consent

If the processing of personal data is carried out on the basis of the customer's consent, the customer has the right to withdraw the consent by informing Customer Support by e-mail (


When a user of the website closes the account, the personal data will be deleted, unless such data need to be stored for accounting purposes or to resolve consumer disputes. In the case of disputes relating to payments and consumer disputes, personal data will be kept until the claim is settled or the limitation period expires. Personal data necessary for accounting purposes shall be kept for seven years.


To have your personal data deleted, you must contact customer support by e-mail ( A reply to the deletion request will be sent within one month at the latest, specifying the period of deletion.

Dispute resolution

Disputes relating to the processing of personal data can be resolved through customer support (

Last document change: 11.09.2023

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